station-masterSynopsis : In this story two hero’s come to a railway station master who receives them and treats them as his sons. As the movie proceeds he gets both the hero’s married. The girls that come into these hero’s lives will be having different nature and thinking unlike the hero’s. The hero who likes a simple life gets a wife who is over ambitious and the hero who likes to live an extraordinary life gets a simply wife. The rest of the story is about how the station master controlled and set those heroes’s life’s like he controls the trains.

Highlights :

  • An entire Duet song is shot in Aaraku on railway tracks on a trolley with both the heroes and heroines.

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : R. J. R. Productions
Producer : S. Ambarish
Music : Chakravarthi
Cast : Rajendra Prasad, Rajashekar, Rao Gopal Rao, Aswini, Jeevitha, Suthivelu, Veerabadra rao, Rallapalli, Sakshi Rangarao, Y. Vijaya, Anapurna