pelli-pandiriSynopsis : This story is about two friends out of which one friend (hero) moves away from the other for his good. Hero meets a blind girl who he will fall in love with and will make that girl to get her eyes back. But by the time that girl could see hero will be sent to jail where he re joins a separated couple. By the time hero comes out of the jail that girl will be in a rich background and will be in a position to marry hero’s friend. Hero knowing the temperament of his friend will not tells him that she is his lover. The rest of the story is an emotional drama about how this problem got solved.

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : S R S Art Movies
Producer : G. Aswartha Narayana Babu, M.C. Shekar, S. Ramesh Babu
Music : Vandemataram Srinivas
Cast : Jagapathi babu, Raasi, Prithviraj, Sarath Babu, Suhasini, Costume Krishna, Sudhakar, Mallikarjuna rao, Kallu Chidambaram, Radha Prashanthi, Tejaswini.