muvva-gopaluduSynopsis : This story is about a hero who is in control of his father law at beginning. As the movie proceed it’s about how that father in law takes advantage of the hero and how he unknowingly gets him married to his daughter and at last how he gets punished by hero for all he has done to him. This movie symbolically starts with planting the seeds and ends with cutting them to take the yield.

Highlights :

  • This movie elevates the Christianity as one of the heroine turns into a nun.
  • This movie ran for 100 days.

Director :Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : Bhargav Art Productions
Producer : S. Gopal Reddy
Music : K.V. Mahadevan
Cast : Balakrishna, Vijay Shanthi, Shobana, Rao Gopal Rao, Jayachitra, Y. Vijaya, Chidatala Apparo.