manavudai-mahaneeyaduSynopsis : This story is about two friends who happens to be a driver and his owner. As the story proceeds the driver dies. The hero who gets to know that his friend the driver has a huge family burden on him through a letter goes there as the driver’s friend not letting them know that he is dead tires to help them. He gets to know that a member of the family (Heroine) is struck with the mafia people and hero saves her. In the mean time hero’s mother dies and his father goes into depression as their son hero is missing. The villains who see the hero working in the village thinks that he is hero’s dupe and takes him to enter into his own family as a fake son. This rest of the story is about how hero tackled those situations.

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : Maheja Films
Producer : Prakash Rao
Music : S. Rajeshwar Rao
Cast : Akkineni Nageshwara rao, Radha, kantha rao, anjali, jaggayya Gollapudi maruthi rao, nuthan Prasad.