zendaSynopsis : This story is about youngsters a police officer, a naxalite and a student who are fed up with the politicians and the political games form a government of their own. Even after the forming the government when the opposition attack them, they get a revolutions against them and will punish them by putting them as animals in a zoo.

Hightlights :

  • All the reforms that are happening now are in the revolutions that are shown in this movie .

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : Sri Rajeshwari International films
Producer : Kotamaraju Satya Murthy
Music : Vandemataram Srinivas
Cast : Ajju, Sudheer, Sravan, Akruthi, Roshan, K.C. Shekar babu, Costume Krishna, Kallu Chidambaram, pusala, M.S.Narayana, Mallikarjuna rao, L.B.Sriram, Sakuntala, Sri Lakshmi, rajitha, Jai singh, Hasan, Ricky, Rajesh, Radha Prashanthi.