Intlo-Ramayya-Veedhilo-KrishnayyaSynopsis : This story is about how an traitor who represents himself as a peaceful and a great man to the society, who creates a misunderstanding betweena married couple who are having a beautiful relationship. The story further unfolds to show how these couple got back to their former relationshipand how they proved that traitor as a evil person to the society.The theme of the movie is to show that from the time of ramayan till the modern age the sufferings of women have been the same which is shown by the character of the traitor’s wife. The sacrifice of a innocent woman’s life is an sentimental mood into this movie.

Highlights : This movie ran for above 500 days.

  • Entire movie is shot in a village called pallakolu
  • A famous director C.S.Rao acted in this movie
  • This is gollapudi maruthi rao’s first movie as an actor.

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : Prathap Art Productions
Producer : K. Raghava
Music : J.V. Raghavulu
Cast : Chiranjeevi, Madhavi, Poornima, Sangeetha, Rupa chowdary, Gollapudi Marhuthi rao.