godfatherSynopsis : This story is about the clash between two friends out of which one is a multimillion business man and another is the leader of a labour union. As the movie proceeds the business man will tell the labour leader that he is going to give him all his businesses to handle and that he will live in between the labours as one of them, when the labour leader puts guilt charges on him. The labour leader who turned into a multimillionaire turns into a greedy man and the businessman who turns into a labour leader gets a good name. The rest of the story is about what happened when that business man living between the labour comes back to take his business.

Director : Kodi Ramakrishna
Production : Prathyusha Productions
Producer : Prathyusha
Music : Raj Koti
Cast : Akkineni Nageshwara Rao, Vinod kumar, Vani Viswanath, Kasthuri, Visu, Srihari, Kota Srinivasa rao, Babu Mohan, Kovai Sarala.