1. The first movie of Mr. Kodi Ramakrishna Intlo Ramayya Veedhilo Krishnayya casting mega star chiranjeevi has the record run of more than 500 days.
  2. His movie Tarangini has the record run of 365 days.
  3. His movie Mangamma Gari Manavadu has been screened for 500 days.
  4. His movie Muddula Krishnayya has also been screen for 365 days.
  5. His movie Muddula Mavayya has also been screened for 1 year.
  6. His movie Mapallelo Gopaludu which is hero Arjun Sarja’s debut movie also has a record run of 367 days.
  7. Kodi Ramakrishna has the record of making 4 one year films, Mangama Gari Manavadu, Muddula Krishnayya, Mudula Mavayya and Mapallelo Gopaludu under one banner “Bhargav Art Productions.”
  8. He also holds the record of making 3 one year films Mangama Gari Manavadu, Muddula Krishnayya and Mudula Mavayya with hero Nandamuri Balakrishna.

(Directors Note: – All these successes are not possible without the producers who produced my movies with a lot of passion and my friends and co technicians who helped me to keep up in this industry.)